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The Geek in Me. And You.

Last week brought a quick (30-hour) trip to New York when Avenue Right was invited to demo our product at the Speed Geeking session of ReadWriteWeb’s Real-Time Web Summit.

Below is an excerpt from a company blog post that resulted from the event (and link to the full post). I mention it out here because I think it is interesting how real-time technology and user experience are being used in different industries, how we’re starting to see the same technologies used in our social lives being integrated into core business applications. And because it’s hard to find time to post to two blogs. Especially in the summer.

Why Real-Time Matters to Media Buyers

Among the most time-consuming tasks in media buying is gathering, organizing, and analyzing information, making sense of the piles of spreadsheets, PDFs, Word docs and other formats to get a clear picture of the advertising marketplace before finalizing the media plan.

Let’s say a media buyer has decided that it’s a mix of local radio, TV, online, and few print pubs that will best reach the target demographic. That was the easy part.

Now it’s a matter of finding the latest information on the advertising opportunities in that local market, and having the tools available to act on that information throughout the planning and execution of a simple or complex media buy.

Meanwhile, the media buyer is accustomed to engaging in social media in her personal and professional life, savvy enough to include those outlets in the advertising plan.

No matter what industry we’re in, we’re used to getting information the instant it becomes available, and being able to act on that info with the proverbial “few clicks” and to share it with a hashtag or two. We like to see what our “friends” are up to without having to ask them. We watch trending topics to gain insight about the world around us, as it happens.

It’s this same real-time technology that powers Avenue Right’s media buying platform, providing not only more accurate and up-to-date market information, but also increased efficiencies by automating manual tasks.

Power of the Platform
Avenue Right incorporates all media channels—online and offline—into a single platform without interfering with inventory supply and demand or negotiations, biasing information with a commission structure, or remaining static in a digital world grown accustomed to real-time information.

Powered by its user community, Avenue Right is not an ad network or an ad exchange, but rather a resource that brings offline and online local media planning and buying together, staying out of the commission chain in order to provide a non-biased exchange of information between buyers and sellers.

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