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Because I’m Too Lazy to Use the Scanner

The need to digitize my writing portfolio will likely become a reoccurring theme on this blog. After all, I’m a dinosaur, and a significant part of my early career was spent writing for the glossy printed page.

But alas, this portfolio project is one that I’d rather talk about/complain than actually do.

I’m so behind on this project that I forget what I’ve actually written over the years. Turns out one of the publications I used to freelance for—Prairie Business Magazine—has a pretty good archive, so here are some links to those articles. The full content is by registration only, so if you really want to read it, let me know in the comments and I’ll email you the article(s).

Wading through the Web Prairie Business Magazine Logo

Published 09/08/2008
So many search results, so little time. This is a common frustration for many who search for information on the Web, and especially for those whose searches are specific to a niche industry or topic.

Culture and diversity help drive Fargo marketing firm

Published 06/01/2008
The notion of diversity in today’s workplace has evolved beyond compliance with equal opportunity employment laws and into a key component of workforce development. Workplace diversity has at its core the exchange of different ideas and perspectives to reach a common goal.

Beyond borders

Published 08/01/2005
Throw out the playbook on ‘outsourcing’ because students from North Dakota State University are now interfacing with students from India in a formal and productive way.

New book joins Lewis & Clark tomes

Published 05/01/2004
If you wanted to know what Corps of Discovery did every day they were in North Dakota, here’s the ultimate book, from the perspective of several journalists on the scene.

Industrial hemp: a pipe dream?

Published 02/01/2004
Canada is making positive things happen with hemp, but America languishes on the sideline with this alternative farm crop, due to federal laws that ban hemp’s hallucinogenic cousin, marijuana.

Tomorrow’s office today

Published 05/01/2002
Even though you may spend a lot of time sitting in your office, the office design business isn’t sitting still … it’s become highly adaptable, like the work environment it supports.

Recreational travel

Published 04/01/2002
Travel patterns within the U.S. and Canada have favored those who sell boats and recreational vehicles to people of all ages those more likely to take in local pleasures instead of flying.

Sink or swim: The salvation of New Rivers Press

Published 03/01/2002
When New Rivers Press started to sink in Minneapolis, the Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) Foundation threw out a rope and pulled the non-profit literary press to safety.

Pleasure: the greatest profit

Published 02/01/2002
Several women entrepreneurs have turned a passion for action into viable businesses model, like Nordic Needle in Fargo and the Learning Zone Express of Crookston. Here’s how they succeeded.



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